welcome to Blood Bank !! the landing site for all things [HEMOPHILIA] ! click the icon at the top to enter the site


all files here (unless stated) are one of a kind and will not be replicated.
-typically catz only (rare exceptions made for fantasy dogz)
-hexes / brexes (wildz/fantasy/etc all welcome)
-OB bred petz (fussy because i have so many) - persian, tabby. oshie, alley and bw preferred
-custom trades also very cool if you're down ! we can work out the details.
-each pet will also have a short in character form which you can fill out instead of trades

Celestial beings made of pure starlight, they appear seemingly out of nowhere looking for companionship and new adventures !
Each custom window will have three (3) slots available - one per person per window.
How to adopt;
-send a DM on discord (oxy globin #2275) or an email ([email protected]) with your application / trade (see above for wishlist) and a theme / colour / song to base them off
-upon completion you will recieve a .zip with the .pet and external textures, plus a readme for how to place textures your files.

Application Form
-Name of pet;
one night, whilst sat alone you look up to the sky and notice a plethora of shooting stars illuminating the dark sky above, on a whim you make a wish on one of them, what do you wish for ?

all wandererz above are unique and not available for adoption.
1) taken
2) available
3) available


This pack of gorgeous golden yellow glitters is sure to add that summertime sparkle to anything you do ! (pack of 8 external glitter textures)

super bright rainbow glitters to add that colourful pop to any hex ! (pack of 8 external glitter textures)

90s/00s Nickelodeon pack, can you name the 10 shows featured alongside a Slime green and the signature orange ? (pack of 12 external glitter textures)


coming soon